Couple Killed In Car At Detroit Gas Station With Baby Inside

DETROIT (AP) — Two people were ambushed and killed while in a car with their child at a Detroit gas station, police said.

Two men fired shots at the car Monday night, killing a man and a woman.

The 9-month-old baby was not hurt. The shooting was recorded by the gas station's security cameras.

Police Chief James White said it wasn't a random killing.

“It's just horrific. ... You've got two families that have to bury two 22-year-olds," the chief said. “Now you've got a 9-month-old who has to be raised by the parents and at some point told the story of what happened.”

Posters seeking tips were being distributed with images of the gunmen.

“Someone knows. Someone always knows,” community activist Malik Shabazz told WDIV-TV. “It is the behavior that is unacceptable and we cannot accept it anymore.”