Police: Graffiti In Tunnels Near Boise's Anne Frank Memorial

BOISE (AP) — Someone painted anti-Semitic graffiti overnight Saturday in three tunnels near the Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial in downtown Boise, police said.

The graffiti, which included spray-painted swastikas and other hate speech, was painted over Saturday morning by the city's parks department. Three tunnels along the Boise Greenbelt were defaced, Chief Ryan Lee told the Idaho Statesman.

“Absolutely abhorrent conduct, and we’re not going to sit idly by and let that be,” he said.

A swastika was painted on the Idaho Building in downtown Boise last month and in December 2020, stickers with Nazi imagery were left all over the Anne Frank memorial.

It's too soon to say whether those incidents are connected to Saturday’s graffiti, Lee said.