Seized, then stolen back: Hartford battles with dirt bikers

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Police in Hartford are having to take extra measures to keep illegal dirt bikes off the city’s streets.

The Hartford Courant reports police are moving a number of the vehicles from an impound lot because owners of the bikes and ATVs found where they were being stored and stole them back.

Police Chief Jason Thody confirmed to the newspaper that multiple people had broken into the lot, though he didn't say on how many occasions or how many vehicles had been taken. He said no cars had been taken from the lot.

The bikes and ATVs are prohibited in the city, and police have seized more than 100 in recent years. Last spring, they crushed more than 30 non-street legal dirt bikes and quads in a car compactor to send a message to joyriders.

Police said in addition to moving the bikes to another location, they will increase security at the impound lot.

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