Albuquerque school district gets interim superintendent

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A longtime educator and third-generation New Mexican has been named the interim superintendent of the Albuquerque public school district.

Scott Elder took the reins Wednesday, replacing Raquel Reedy, who retired June 30. The school board suspended its national search for a new superintendent when schools closed in March due to the spread of the coronavirus.

Elder's term begins amid the coronavirus pandemic, which has resulted in upheaval of the public school system and an economic downturn that has put added pressure on education spending.

In anticipation of budget cuts, Elder said Wednesday that the district is looking at ways to save money. He also announced a few changes to the district's leadership team that he said will save about $250,000 in administrative costs.

Elder started his career with the Albuquerque district teaching students whose native language wasn’t English. He also worked as a principal and later chief operations officer. He said he learned early the importance of being flexible.

“No two students are alike, so no two years or days or even classes are alike. Sure, we have our plans and routines, but we also have to know how to turn on a dime," Elder said. “I can’t tell you how many times as a teacher I had to scrap a lesson, change my approach, adapt to accommodate my students.”