Car Theft Suspect Who Fled Police Outside Hospital Is Spotted, Escapes From Federal Authorities

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A Philadelphia car theft suspect who fled from police outside a hospital earlier this week was spotted at a home in another part of the city but managed to elude capture again, federal authorities said.

Alleem Bordan, 29, who had his hands restrained behind him, was being walked back to a vehicle outside Temple University Hospital’s Episcopal Campus in northeast Philadelphia on Monday when he bolted from two officers and escaped.

Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal Robert Clark told reporters Wednesday that after the escape, Bordan was spotted going to a home near the hospital and then getting into a car. After federal authorities were called in Tuesday, they found an address in northwest Philadelphia he was known to frequent and went there, Clark said.

At 3:15 p.m. Tuesday, about 10 people from the marshals service knocked and announced their presence, and immediately a man matching Bordan's description “sprinted out of the back of the residence and jumped down a 30-foot embankment” onto train tracks, fleeing north along the tracks, Clark said. The man, confirmed by the occupants of the home to have been Bordan, was not wearing restraints, Clark said.

Investigators did not pursue him down the embankment because of safety concerns, Clark said. They used canines to try to follow him along the tracks, but Clark said the effort was unsuccessful, citing stormy weather at the time as a factor.

Clark said Bordan has a history of fleeing and eluding authorities, and since he has had access to firearms, uses narcotics and may have mental health issues, he is being considered ”possibly armed, dangerous and undoubtably desperate."

Clark said coming so close to capturing him was “heartbreaking, but he is confident the fugitive will soon be found.

The marshals are now offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to Bordan's arrest, Clark said. No charges have been filed against anyone in the home or in connection with the car, which has been located, Clark said.

Bordan had been arrested after he was found asleep early Sunday in a car that had been reported stolen Thursday while the owner was making a food delivery, He was taken to the hospital after complaining of pain early Monday, officials said.