Pilot Deploys Parachute To Land Disabled Plane In Indiana

MOUNT COMFORT, Ind. (AP) — The pilot of a small plane escaped injury Friday when the aircraft made an emergency landing using a large parachute to descend before landing in a suburban Indianapolis pond, police said.

The plane landed Friday morning along the edge of a pond near the Indianapolis Regional Airport in Hancock County, just east of Indianapolis near the unincorporated community of Mount Comfort.

State police Sgt. John Perrine told WRTV-TV the pilot was located uninjured after deploying a parachute to guide the aircraft down to a pond near Interstate 70.

It was not immediately clear what led to the emergency landing, which prompted police to block off a portion of Mount Comfort Road.

But WRTV-TV posted video from a witness showing the aircraft floating down underneath a large parachute with an apparent plume of smoke visible in the sky above.

The video ends with witness driving past a pond where the plane's nose came to a rest along the pond's shoreline, with a door open on the aircraft. Some damage to the plane was visible.