Alabama Couple Opens 'pIck Your Own' Flower Farm

OPELIKA, Ala. (AP) — An east Alabama couple has opened their property as a flower-picking farm called Circles of Colors, which currently offers sunflowers, dahlias, zinnias and cosmos.

“You come and pick whatever you want,” farm owner Arely Kloss told the Opelika-Auburn News. “That’s only my goal is to have something pretty, something different to do on weekends. I don’t think we have any pick-your-own flower farms around.”

While Kloss and her husband David only recently opened the property to the public, they purchased the 6.5-acre farm in Notasulga back in 2020. They decided to dedicate 3 acres, nearly half the property, to flower picking.

“We just started doing the flower fields last fall,” she said. “So, this is our first year to open up for people to come in.”

Kloss said before moving to Notasulga, she had lived in Auburn since 2003. While she has always loved flowers, farm life is still new to her.

“I have always had flowers,” she said. “I was born in Cuba, and I had never lived in the country. My husband calls me concrete-footed. I never had grass under my feet.”

Despite her urban upbringing, Kloss says she always wanted to have flowers around her.

“I have always had flowers, but never this scale. When we lived in Auburn, the house that we had was a small little house on West Drake built in the 1950s,” she said. “I had 50 to 60 different pots with roses and vegetables and everything, so it was very pretty… but large scale like this, this is my first time.”

Kloss has plans for the farm beyond just the summer season. Flower-picking will be available all-year round, she said. She already has flowers ordered for fall.

“My goal is to have all seasons of flowers, not just the summer or spring, but to be able to provide flowers throughout the year,” Kloss said. “We start planting late fall for the wildflowers and late winter for the spring blooms. I have ordered over 1,000 tulips and other flowers, anemones and other things to be able to have early spring, hopefully by March.”

In addition to the flowers, Kloss has repurposed a 1960s country store on the property into a gift shop where she sells handmade jewelry. She has used proceeds from jewelry sales in the past as fundraisers for animal rescue and cancer research charities.

“All the jewelry that I made is custom jewelry. Everything is custom made per person,” Kloss said.

She hopes to hold monthly charity events on the farm in the future as well, to raise money for organizations such as March of Dimes and the Lee County Humane Society, among others.

“Those are my goals, once a month have an event and donate some of the proceeds to those entities,” Kloss said. “I would love to work with and perhaps donate some bouquets to the nursing homes.”

Circles of Colors is currently open on weekends, weather permitting. Current prices include dahlias for $1.25 a stem; large sunflowers for $1; small growers bunch of sunflowers for $5; 10 zinnia stems for $5, and 10 vase-filler stems for $3.