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Israeli Olympic racewalker Shaul Ladany holds his 1972's Olympic race shoes for a portrait in Omer, Israel, Sunday, July 12, 2020.  In an instant, the world record holder in the 50-mile walk was thrust into one of sports’ greatest tragedies and a seminal moment in modern history _ the kidnapping and massacre of his fellow Israeli team members at the 1972 Munich Olympics. The killing shocked the world, gave the Palestinian cause an audience and ushered in a new era of global terrorism. Ladany, a Holocaust survivor, the lessons still linger. He says it taught him to “never be afraid” but become “more careful.”(AP Photo/Ariel Schalit)

Israeli racewalker recalls surviving 1972 Munich massacre

Aug. 7, 2020 12:28 PM EDT

TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) — EDITORS — With the Tokyo Olympics postponed for a year because of the coronavirus pandemic, The Associated Press is looking back at the history of Summer Games. Shaul Ladany survived a concentration camp as a youngster, and returned to Germany as a racewalker for the 1972...

FILE - This July 29, 1948 file photo, showing the opening ceremony of the 1948 Olympic Games at Wembley Stadium, in London, England. London was still cleaning up bombing damage from World War II when it staged the Olympics in 1948. Britain was also struggling financially; food, clothing and gas were still being rationed. The athletes had to bring their own towels and, with housing in short supply, were accommodated in schools and Royal Air Force camps. The games were organized in less than two years, and despite the tiny budget it was a success, its legacies including greater sporting opportunities for women. (AP Photo, File )

Austerity Games of 1948 revive Olympic spirit after WWII

Aug. 1, 2020 12:44 PM EDT

After the controversial 1936 Berlin Games, it was important to believers in the Olympics that the first games after World War II be held without political and racial propaganda. Who better to host them then than the British, sticklers for fair play and ‘amateurism?’ Besides, the British said they...

FILE - In this Aug. 4, 1936, file photo, American athlete Jesse Owens, left, breaks the tape in a record time of 21.1 seconds in the elimination heats of the men's 200-meter race at the Olympic Games race in Berlin, Germany. Canada's Lee Orr, center, finished second. (AP Photo/File)

Black Americans star in front of Hitler at Berlin Olympics

Jul. 31, 2020 10:57 AM EDT

The name of sprinter Mack Robinson may not be as well-known as Jesse Owens, the star of the 1936 Berlin Games. Robinson’s not even the most famous person in his own family, a distinction that goes to his younger brother, Jackie, who broke baseball's color barrier in 1947 with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Mack...

FILE - In this April 13, 1934, file photo, Betty Robinson of Chicago, who won the 100-meter sprints in the 1928 Olympics, is seen working out on a roof track in New York. (AP Photo/File)

AP Was There: 16-year-old American wins 1st women's 100 dash

Jul. 29, 2020 11:09 AM EDT

EDITOR’S NOTE — With the Tokyo Olympics postponed for a year due to the coronavirus pandemic, The Associated Press is looking back at the history of Summer Games. This story was transmitted from Amsterdam during the 1928 Olympics on July 31, the day of the women's 100-meter dash, when Elizabeth...

FILE - In this March 1928, file photo, the world's greatest sprinters are off from their marks at the start of one of the heats in the 100-meter race at the Opening of the Olympic games in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Percy Williams, an unknown schoolboy from Canada, captured the finals. (AP Photo/File)

1928 Amsterdam: Women's track, gymnastics debut at Olympics

Jul. 29, 2020 11:03 AM EDT

EDITORS — With the Tokyo Olympics postponed for a year because of the coronavirus pandemic, The Associated Press is looking back at the history of Summer Games. Here are some of the highlights of the 1928 Games in Amsterdam, the first time women were allowed to compete in gymnastics and athletics at an...

FILE - In this 1920 file photo, Charles (Charley) Paddock, second from right, of the USA wins the 100 meters final with his famous

Planning for Olympics in a pandemic has echoes of 1920 Games

Jul. 27, 2020 4:19 PM EDT

DÜSSELDORF, Germany (AP) — Olympic athletes competing for gold medals in a world reeling from a pandemic? It won't be the first time. A century before the Tokyo Games were postponed because of coronavirus, the Olympics were held in the Belgian city of Antwerp following the Spanish flu pandemic. The...

FILE - In this Aug. 26, 1920, file photo, the Olympics are held at the Antwerp Stadium, showing the U.S. contingent leading all the athletes in the procession around the field on, after which they proceeded to lead all competition in the athletic events. (AP Photo/File)

AP WAS THERE: 1920 Olympics

Jul. 27, 2020 3:57 PM EDT

EDITORS — With the Tokyo Olympics postponed for a year because of the coronavirus pandemic, The Associated Press is looking back at the history of the Summer Games. This story was published in the St. Albans (Vermont) Daily Messenger newspaper on August 23, 1920. The story is published as it appears in the...

FILE - In this Aug. 1, 1936, file photo, German Nazi soldiers line up at attention during the opening ceremonies of the XI Summer Olympic Games at the Lustgarten in Berlin, Germany. The lighted Olympic torch is in the foreground. The torch relay was not always a fixture of the modern Olympics, which began in 1896. The relay tradition began with Adolph Hitler's 1936 Olympics in Berlin, the Games of the XI Olympiad, and was the brainchild of Dr. Carl Diem who was the head of the organizing committee. (AP Photo/File)

IOC apologizes, deletes tweet about 1936 Berlin Olympics

Jul. 24, 2020 12:43 PM EDT

GENEVA (AP) — The IOC apologized on Friday and deleted a Twitter message which some saw as celebrating Nazi Germany’s hosting of the 1936 Olympics. Joining a message thread on Thursday one year before the Olympic cauldron is lit at the postponed 2020 Tokyo Games, the International Olympic Committee...

FILE - In this Sunday, March 8, 2020, file photo, Minnesota Wild interim head coach Dean Evason, above center, directs players behind the bench during the overtime period of an NHL hockey game against the Anaheim Ducks in Anaheim, Calif. The Minnesota Wild made Dean Evason their full-time head coach on Monday, July 13, 2020, 
 signing him to a two-year contract extension at the commencement of training camp for the restarted NHL season.(AP Photo/Alex Gallardo, File)

Wild drop interim tag to make Dean Evason full-time coach

Jul. 13, 2020 5:46 PM EDT

The Minnesota Wild began training camp with a bang, formalizing Dean Evason's status as their full-time head coach and plans to bring prized Russian prospect Kirill Kaprizov to training camp. Evason, who signed a two-year contract extension through the 2021-22 season, took the ice on Monday for the first...

Holdorf, 1964 Olympic decathlon champion, dies at 80

Jul. 6, 2020 12:19 PM EDT

BERLIN (AP) — Willi Holdorf, the 1964 Olympic decathlon champion, has died. He was 80. Holdorf died at home in northern Germany on Sunday following a severe illness, his wife Sabine Holdorf-Schust told Germany's dpa news agency. Holdorf led in Tokyo after nine of the 10 events. But his Soviet rival Rein...