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Illinois judge who reversed rape conviction removed from bench after panel finds he circumvented law

Feb. 24, 2024 14:00 PM EST

CHICAGO (AP) — An Illinois judge who sparked outrage by reversing a man’s rape conviction involving a 16-year-old girl has been removed from the bench after a judicial oversight body found he circumvented the law and engaged in misconduct. The Illinois Courts Commission removed...

Alabama IVF ruling puts spotlight on state plans for tax breaks and child support for fetuses

Feb. 24, 2024 11:08 AM EST

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — The recent Alabama Supreme Court ruling that frozen embryos are legally protected children is highlighting how support for the idea that a fetus should have the same rights as a person underpins far less dramatic laws and proposals from abortion foes across the U.S. ...

Facing backlash over IVF ruling, Alabama lawmakers look for a fix

Feb. 24, 2024 01:13 AM EST

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — Lawmakers began scrambling for ways to protect Alabama in vitro fertilization services after multiple providers paused treatment in the wake of a state Supreme Court ruling that frozen embryos could be considered children under a state law. Facing a wave of...

Judge hands NCAA another loss, says compensation rules likely violate antitrust law, harm athletes

Feb. 23, 2024 23:31 PM EST

The NCAA lost another legal battle Friday as a federal judge barred the organization from enforcing its rules prohibiting name, image and likeness compensation for recruits by granting a preliminary injunction demanded by the states of Tennessee and Virginia. It was another blow to...

NCAA infractions committee could discipline administrators tied to violations and ID them publicly

Feb. 23, 2024 17:53 PM EST

The NCAA Committee on Infractions has outlined potential penalties for rules violators in leadership positions beyond the coaching staff, up to and including school presidents in a move prompted by new legislation emphasizing individual accountability. Individuals who were active or...

Mexican president defends disclosing a reporter's phone number, saying the law doesn't apply to him

Feb. 23, 2024 17:14 PM EST

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexico’s president on Friday defended his decision to disclose a reporter’s telephone number, saying a law that prohibits officials from releasing personal information doesn’t apply to him. Press freedom groups said the president's decision to make public...

Virginia lawmakers send Youngkin bills to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour

Feb. 23, 2024 16:40 PM EST

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Democrats who control the Virginia General Assembly sent Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin legislation on Friday that would increase the state's minimum wage to $15 per hour in 2026. Identical bills that would bump the current $12-per-hour minimum wage to $13.50...

Louisiana advances a bill expanding death penalty methods in an effort to resume executions

Feb. 23, 2024 16:39 PM EST

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — In an effort to resume Louisiana’s death row executions that have been paused for 14 years, lawmakers on Friday advanced a bill that would add the use of nitrogen gas and electrocution as possible methods to carry out capital punishment. As red states add...

Man who uses drones to help hunters recover deer carcasses will appeal verdict he violated laws

Feb. 23, 2024 16:21 PM EST

LANCASTER, Pa. (AP) — A Pennsylvania man who uses drones to try to locate wounded deer shot by hunters so they can retrieve their carcasses has been convicted of violating state hunting laws. Joshua Wingenroth, 35, of Downingtown, plans to appeal the verdicts handed down Thursday...

Federal judge grants preliminary injunction against NCAA NIL rules, says they likely violate antitrust law

Feb. 23, 2024 16:09 PM EST
GREENEVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Federal judge grants preliminary injunction against NCAA NIL rules, says they likely violate antitrust law.