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Zookeeper found dead in animal enclosure in Slovakia

May. 16, 2023 13:05 PM EDT

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia (AP) — Authorities in Slovakia launched an investigation after a zookeeper was found dead in an animal enclosure, officials said Tuesday. Police said an autopsy was being performed to determine the cause of the death and declined to provide further details,...

Fears over scores of zoo animals caught in Sudan crossfire

May. 10, 2023 05:05 AM EDT

ASWAN, Egypt (AP) — Dozens of zoo animals in Sudan's capital — including an elderly crocodile, parrots and giant lizards — are feared dead after street battles between the country's rival forces made the location unreachable. At least 100 animals, all kept inside enclosures,...

Research monkey shortage undermines US readiness, panel says

May. 04, 2023 16:02 PM EDT

There’s a shortage of monkeys available for medical research and the U.S. should expand its breeding programs rather than rely on international suppliers to solve it, an influential scientific advisory panel said Thursday. Studies using nonhuman primates, especially monkeys, have...