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Marcos takes helm in Philippines, silent on father’s abuses

Jun. 30, 2022 04:45 AM EDT

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Ferdinand Marcos Jr., the namesake son of an ousted dictator, praised his father's legacy and glossed over its violent past as he was sworn in as Philippine president Thursday after a stunning election victory that opponents say was pulled off by whitewashing his...

Ferdinand Marcos Jr., the namesake son of an ousted dictator, has been sworn in as Philippine president

Jun. 30, 2022 00:03 AM EDT
MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Ferdinand Marcos Jr., the namesake son of an ousted dictator, has been sworn in as Philippine president.

Drug killings leave agony, savage facet to Duterte's legacy

Jun. 29, 2022 20:47 PM EDT

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — When Emily Soriano recounts how her 15-year-old son was gunned down with four friends and two other residents while partying in a Philippine slum six years ago, she weeps in grief and anger like the massacre happened yesterday. Police concluded at the...

Ressa says Philippine courts to decide Rappler closure order

Jun. 29, 2022 04:18 AM EDT

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Nobel Peace Prize laureate Maria Ressa said her Rappler news website was operating “business as usual” Wednesday and would let Philippine courts decide on a government order to close the outlet critical of the outgoing Duterte administration and its deadly drug...

Maria Ressa: Philippines affirms news site shutdown order

Jun. 28, 2022 23:54 PM EDT

HONOLULU (AP) — Filipino journalist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Maria Ressa announced in a speech in Hawaii Tuesday that the Philippine government is affirming a previous order to shut down Rappler, the news website she co-founded, which has gained notoriety for its reporting of President...

A new leader in the Philippines, and a family's old wounds

Jun. 24, 2022 11:38 AM EDT

BOSTON (AP) — He was the uncle I never met. But in my family's origin story, Emmanuel “Manny” Yap always loomed large. The life of great potential cut short. The cautionary tale. But also the reminder of doing what was right, no matter the cost. A rising leader...

Marcos to serve as agriculture chief amid food crisis fears

Jun. 20, 2022 09:30 AM EDT

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Philippine President-elect Ferdinand Marcos Jr. expressed concern Monday about rising food prices caused in part by the war in Ukraine and said he will serve as secretary of agriculture when he takes office to prepare for a possible emergency. Marcos Jr....

Duterte's daughter takes oath as Philippine vice president

Jun. 19, 2022 20:27 PM EDT

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Sara Duterte, the daughter of the outgoing populist president of the Philippines, took her oath Sunday as vice president following a landslide electoral victory she clinched despite her father’s human rights record that saw thousands of drug suspects gunned down. ...

Philippine officials designate 11 insurgents `terrorists'

Jun. 16, 2022 02:37 AM EDT

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — The Philippine government has designated a former peace negotiator and five other suspected communist rebel leaders as “terrorists" in a move that allowed the freezing of their financial assets, which officials said could be used to finance attacks. The...

Philippine officials, governor clash over face mask policy

Jun. 13, 2022 09:36 AM EDT

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Philippine officials warned Monday that people can face arrest if they defy a presidential order to wear face masks in public to protect against the coronavirus even in a province where the governor has declared they are optional. Officials asked Gov....