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France opens graft probe into Lebanon's central bank chief

Jun. 07, 2021 07:00 AM EDT

PARIS (AP) — The French national financial prosecutor’s office has opened a preliminary investigation into the actions of Lebanon’s central bank governor involving potential money laundering, the prosecutor’s office said Monday. The French move came months after...

Lebanon reverses bank decision that caused depositors panic

Jun. 03, 2021 14:49 PM EDT

BEIRUT (AP) — After public outrage and protests, Lebanon’s Central Bank governor said Thursday that depositors can go back to withdrawing money from their dollar deposits in the local currency at a rate two and half times better than the official one. The decision...

As Lebanese cry for justice, politics paralyzes the system

May. 04, 2021 03:08 AM EDT

BEIRUT (AP) — Even after she was taken off an investigation into alleged financial crimes by a money transfer company, the defiant Lebanese prosecutor charged ahead. She showed up at the company’s offices outside of Beirut with a group of supporters and a metal worker, who broke open the...