Driver Shot, Killed And Crashes Car On North Carolina Road

DURHAM, N.C. (AP) — A man was killed in a shooting Monday afternoon that resulted in a crash and shut down a North Carolina highway, police said.

Durham police said they received 911 calls about the occupants of a vehicle shooting at another vehicle on N.C. Highway 55 shortly before 5 p.m. Monday, news outlets reported.

Police said the second vehicle crashed into other cars in the parking lot of a business. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene, but authorities said no other injuries were reported.

While police haven't characterized the incident as road rage, it's the latest of several recent incidents in the Research Triangle area which involved shootouts between cars.

The Herald-Sun of Durham reports that in April, a man was shot and injured on U.S. Highway 15-501 in a shooting described as road rage. Also in April, someone driving a Nissan Maxima shot at a pickup truck after it sideswiped the sedan on U.S. Highway 70 in Wake County, according to the Durham County Sheriff’s Office. The shooting continued into Durham County. The truck driver and one of the passengers were hospitalized.