97 Dogs Removed From Facility In Southwestern Missouri

ST. LOUIS (AP) — The Humane Society of Missouri on Tuesday removed nearly 100 dogs, including several puppies, from a southwestern Missouri facility, alleging the dogs suffered from severe neglect.

The St. Louis-based Humane Society said in a news release that 97 dogs were taken from a breeding facility in Urbana. The removal was coordinated with the Missouri Attorney General's office and the Missouri Department of Agriculture.

The Humane Society said the breeder has been ordered to close for violating a consent judgment in June, after the operator had been cited for multiple violations.

The rescued breeds include collies, standard poodles and others. Some of the dogs are as young as 10 weeks old.

The Humane Society said it was its biggest rescue of the year, and asked for donations of items such as toys, blankets and dog beds to help care for the animals.