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Quechua endures in Peru despite centuries of discrimination

Sep. 15, 2021 10:02 AM EDT

CCARHUACC LICAPA, Peru (AP) — Leila Ccaico walked slowly to the front of her class in a rural village in the Andes. Reluctantly, she faced her classmates, obeyed her teacher’s orders and started to sing softly in Quechua. This is the first year that the sixth grader...

Peru: Abimael Guzmán, head of Shining Path insurgency, dies

Sep. 11, 2021 20:00 PM EDT

LIMA, Peru (AP) — Abimael Guzmán, the leader of the brutal Shining Path insurgency in Peru who was captured in 1992, died on Saturday in a military hospital after an illness. He was 86. Guzmán died at 6:40 a.m. after suffering from an infection, Justice Minister...

Peruvian government says Abimael Guzmán, jailed leader of Shining Path insurgency, has died after an illness

Sep. 11, 2021 11:04 AM EDT
LIMA, Peru (AP) — Peruvian government says Abimael Guzmán, jailed leader of Shining Path insurgency, has died after an illness.

Peruvian foreign minister quits amid criticism for comments

Aug. 17, 2021 20:51 PM EDT

LIMA, Peru (AP) — Peru's foreign secretary resigned Tuesday amid criticism for comments he made about terrorism in the country in the late 20th century, leaving the new government of President Pedro Castillo less than a month after it assumed power. The presidency's...

Leftist political novice sworn in as Peru's president

Jul. 28, 2021 19:02 PM EDT

LIMA, Peru (AP) — Pedro Castillo, a leftist political novice who has promised to be a champion of his country’s poor, on Wednesday became Peru’s new president. The rural teacher who has never held political office before was sworn in less than two weeks after he was...

Peru's new first family leaving behind rural, Andean home

Jul. 26, 2021 14:42 PM EDT

CHUGUR, Peru (AP) — The humble two-story, adobe home of the Castillo family, located in one of the poorest districts of Peru deep in the Andes, feels a little empty now. Lilia Paredes packed up the family’s belongings within the last week, neatly folding her husband’s shirts and picking...

Leftist teacher, political novice, is Peru's president-elect

Jul. 20, 2021 00:09 AM EDT

LIMA, Peru (AP) — A teacher in one of the poorest communities in the Andes who had never held office is now Peru's president-elect after officials in the South American country declared him the winner of a runoff election held last month. Leftist Pedro Castillo...

Leftist rural teacher declared president-elect in Peru

Jul. 19, 2021 21:42 PM EDT

LIMA, Peru (AP) — Rural teacher-turned-political novice Pedro Castillo on Monday became the winner of Peru’s presidential election after the country’s longest electoral count in 40 years. Castillo, whose supporters included Peru’s poor and rural citizens, defeated...