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A moving 'reunion' for descendants of Holocaust survivors

Oct. 23, 2021 10:04 AM EDT

WESTLAKE, Texas (AP) — Anna Salton Eisen found the old pictures — wallet-size, black-and-white images of Jewish prisoners who survived the Holocaust — in a folder her late father, George Lucius Salton, kept most of his life. The Texas woman recognized the names of...

Poles protest on anniversary of ruling restricting abortion

Oct. 22, 2021 15:07 PM EDT

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Protests were held in Warsaw and other Polish cities on Friday night to mark the one-year anniversary of a constitutional court ruling that severely restricted abortion rights in the country. In last October's ruling, the court declared that...

EU unconvinced by Polish arguments on rule of law changes

Oct. 22, 2021 14:07 PM EDT

BRUSSELS (AP) — Polish arguments that fundamental judicial changes the country has made would not undermine the European Union on Friday failed to convince key bloc leaders who said that the withholding of billions in EU recovery funds would likely continue unless Warsaw falls back into...

EU to keep fighting Belarus's "weaponization" of migrants

Oct. 22, 2021 12:32 PM EDT

BRUSSELS (AP) — European Union leaders pledged on Friday to “keep up the pressure" on Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko to halt the flow of migrants from his country and raised the prospect of new sanctions amid calls by some bloc members to build walls and fences to thwart new...

Polish miners protest top EU court's order to shut mine

Oct. 22, 2021 07:08 AM EDT

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Some 2,000 Polish coal miners on Friday staged a noisy protest in Luxembourg against a decision by the European Union's top court to shut down a major brown coal mine in Poland and to fine the country for flouting the ruling. Clad in yellow vests...

EU summit loads pressure on Poland over rule of law

Oct. 21, 2021 16:15 PM EDT

BRUSSELS (AP) — European Union leaders pressured a defiant Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki Thursday to fall back into line on recognizing that EU law trumps national decision-making, hoping that dialogue will stave off a crisis in the bloc. Morawiecki instead...

Strong storm causes 4 deaths in Poland, damage across Europe

Oct. 21, 2021 14:17 PM EDT

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — A powerful autumn storm blasted across parts of Europe on Thursday, killing four people in Poland and causing damage and disruption across a large swath of the continent. According to reports in Polish media, the hardest-hit area was around the...

Top piano event winner says pandemic helped him concentrate

Oct. 21, 2021 12:30 PM EDT

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — The Canadian winner of what is arguably the piano world’s most important competition says the coronavirus pandemic lockdown helped him concentrate on music, and now he'll have to try to retain the sense of inner peace he gained. Bruce Xiaoyu Liu...

Canadian wins 18th Chopin international piano competition

Oct. 20, 2021 22:09 PM EDT

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Bruce (Xiaoyu) Liu of Canada was named early Thursday as the winner of the 40,000-euro ($45,000) first prize in the 18th Frederic Chopin international piano competition, a prestigious event that launches pianists’ world careers. The announcement...

Bruce (Xiaoyu) Liu of Canada is the winner of the 18th Chopin international piano competition

Oct. 20, 2021 20:12 PM EDT
WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Bruce (Xiaoyu) Liu of Canada is the winner of the 18th Chopin international piano competition.