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For new Somalia government, al-Shabab a threat to authority

May. 25, 2022 09:11 AM EDT

A Somali police officer recently received an unexpected summons from the enemy. An unknown caller ordered him to report to a town outside the capital, Mogadishu, where the extremist group al-Shabab would settle a dispute between him and his brother. The caller assured the officer he would be safe...

UN envoy urges Somalia's new leaders to tackle urgent issues

May. 23, 2022 21:19 PM EDT

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The U.N. envoy for Somalia urged the country Monday to build on last week's election of a new president and work on national reconciliation, improve relations between the central government and states, and confront the growing threat from the al-Shabab extremist group. ...

Reversing Trump, Biden acts to deploy US troops to Somalia

May. 16, 2022 15:35 PM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden signed an order Monday to redeploy hundreds of U.S. troops to Somalia to counter the Islamic extremist rebel group al-Shabab, an effort that American military leaders said had been hampered by President Donald Trump's late-term decision to withdraw forces...

Somali lawmakers elect president voted out 5 years ago

May. 15, 2022 19:30 PM EDT

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — A former Somali president voted out of power in 2017 has been returned to the nation's top office after defeating the incumbent leader in a protracted contest decided by legislators in a third round of voting late Sunday. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who served...

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has been chosen as Somalia's new president, five years after being voted out of the presidency

May. 15, 2022 17:03 PM EDT
MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has been chosen as Somalia's new president, five years after being voted out of the presidency.

Somalia set to elect new president amid growing insecurity

May. 12, 2022 05:15 AM EDT

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — Somalia is set to hold its long-delayed presidential vote on Sunday, ending the convoluted electoral process that raised tensions in the country when the president's term expired last year without a successor in place. Authorities have registered 39...

Police: 4 killed in Somalia blast ahead of presidential vote

May. 11, 2022 06:30 AM EDT

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — Somali police say at least four people have been killed by a suicide explosion that targeted a checkpoint near the airport in the capital, Mogadishu. “I saw four people dead at the scene. Two of them were government soldiers who died immediately after...

UN: Record number of people without enough to eat in 2021

May. 04, 2022 20:40 PM EDT

ROME (AP) — The United Nations said Wednesday that the number of people without enough to eat on a daily basis reached all-time high last year and is poised to hit “appalling” new levels as the Ukraine war affects global food production. Almost 193 million people in 53...

Burundian peacekeepers in Somalia killed in jihadi attack

May. 04, 2022 08:33 AM EDT

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — The African Union says a number of Burundian peacekeepers were killed in Tuesday's attack by Islamic extremist rebels who targeted a remote military base in Somalia. The African Union condemned the attack and paid “tribute to the Burundian peacekeepers...

Somalia's al-Shabab rebels attack African Union base

May. 03, 2022 08:37 AM EDT

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — Somalia's al-Shabab Islamic extremist rebels have attacked a military base of the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia, witnesses told The Associated Press. The attack started early Tuesday when a vehicle rammed into the fence surrounding the base...