Police: W Michigan Man Arrested After Taking 2 Women Hostage

WELLSTON, Mich. (AP) — A western Michigan was arrested after holding two women hostage, state police said Sunday.

Troopers were called to the man's home, a shed in Wellston about 85 miles (136.7 kilometers) north of Grand Rapids, shortly after 7 a.m. Saturday.

One of the women told police she and a friend were visiting the suspect at his shed when he accused the women of stealing his methamphetamine. He assaulted them and brandished a handgun, telling them they could not leave, police said.

One of the women called her son and he went the scene, confronted the suspect and was able to free his mother, police said.

A state police emergency support team went to the scene and discovered the suspect and his remaining hostage had left on foot. They were located by deputies from the Manistee County Sheriff’s Office, police said.

The suspect's handgun was recovered near the shed, police said.

The suspect is being held in the Manistee County Jail, police said.

No injuries were reported.