Wyoming Democrats implementing ranked-choice caucus voting

JACKSON, Wyo. (AP) — The Wyoming Democratic Party is implementing a ranked-choice voting system for its upcoming presidential caucuses.

Democrats in Alaska, Nevada, Hawaii and Kansas also are implementing ranked-choice voting this year.

Ranked choice gives caucus participants more satisfaction with their vote, Teton County Democratic Party Chairwoman Marylee White told the Jackson Hole News & Guide.

“It makes you look at all of the candidates on the basis of ‘Who would be OK with me? If my preferential candidate doesn’t win, who would I also support?’ ” White said.

Under the system, votes at the county level will be counted in stages. If one or more candidate gets less than 15% of the first-choice vote, the lowest-performing candidate will be taken out of the running.

Second-choice votes will then be allocated among the remaining candidates. The process will be repeated until all remaining candidates have more than 15%.

Delegates will then be allocated in proportion to the votes for each candidate.

The Wyoming Democratic Party will hold its presidential nominating caucuses April 4.