Weekend Shooting Kills 2, Wounds 3 In Northern Indiana Home

GOSHEN, Ind. (AP) — A police chief defended the safety of his Indiana community Monday after a weekend shooting left two people dead and three more injured.

The shooting occurred Saturday at a home in Goshen, about 20 miles southeast of South Bend.

Elkhart County prosecutor Vicki Becker offered few details during a news conference but identified the shooter as David Morales, 20, who died at a Goshen hospital.

Becker said some of the victims were children from the same family. Another male also died.

“The investigation is ongoing. ... There will not be details at this point in time regarding the roles of any individuals involved in what occurred,” she said.

A neighbor, Nicteloy Diaz, told The Goshen News that around the time of the shooting she saw a girl in the window of the home crying out that someone had been shot in the back and the leg.

“Within five minutes there were cops all over the place,” she said. “After that the police told us to go inside.”

Police Chief Jose Miller said the shooting was not related to gang activity. He acknowledged that local violence has ticked up this year, similar to what other U.S. communities have experienced.

“Goshen is still a safe place. I would let my kids live here. My kids do live here,” Miller said. “A lot of these events are targeted. It's not random acts against somebody walking down the street. The problems is it's targeted with innocent people in the wake.”