Couple accused of child abuse after month-old boy found dead

PHOENIX (AP) — A Phoenix couple are accused of child abuse following the death of a month-old child and the discovery of four other young children in grim conditions in their motel room.

The parents, Donald Roy Ferguson, 38 and Emmaline Amelia Ramirez , 29, were arrested Jan. 7 on suspicion of seven counts of child abuse, according to court records.

An autopsy didn't find that the child found dead had injuries but another month-old child and a 15-month-old boy had serious head injuries, police said.

State child protection workers who removed the surviving children reported finding conditions that including a lice infestation, soiled diapers and insects crawling out of ears, police said.

Court records don't list defense attorneys for Ferguson and Ramirez who could comment on the allegations.