Raimondo aims to close Veterans Home deficit and boost funds

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Gov. Gina Raimondo has announced plans to bolster the Rhode Island Veterans Home in her tax and spending plan for this fiscal year.

The plan would close the $2 million deficit in fiscal year 2020 and increase funding next year, WPRI-TV reported.

Officials say the proposal will increase revenue by about $880,000 and generate general revenue savings of the same amount.

The plan would require longterm care residents to pay 100% of their monthly income, compared to the 80% they pay now.

State officials said this is a justified increase as resident stipends will double to $300 and co-pays for occupational and physical therapy will be eliminated

The Democratic governor also asked the R.I. National Guard to find more cost effective ways to staff the home, and cut the contract costs by $450,000.

“The personnel costs right now – they’re about two-thirds of the deficit, so that’s an area we’ll really focus on,” Adjutant General Christopher Callahan said last month.

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