State to close assisted living center at veterans home

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — State military officials announced Wednesday that they'll close an assisted living facility for veterans in southeastern Wisconsin this spring.

The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs said it plans to close Fairchild Hall on the Wisconsin Southern Center's Union Grove campus. The center is made up of a collection of WDVA and state Department of Health Services facilities.

WDVA officials said only 11 people are currently living in Fairchild Hall. They will be allowed to move to a WDVA nursing home on the campus. Fairchild staff will be given the opportunity to transfer to the nursing home.

The nursing home has a capacity of 158 people and currently houses 155 residents, WDVA spokeswoman Carla Vigue said. She cautioned that number fluctuates and not all 11 Fairchild residents may not have medical needs that qualify them for moving into the nursing home. She added that some Fairchild residents may find assisted living facilities elsewhere.

Department officials plan to close Fairchild by April 12 or earlier if all its residents relocate before then.