Editorial Roundup: Alabama

Cullman Times. April 2. 2024.

Editorial: We can’t remain silent on child abuse prevention

According to the Department of Public Health, In 2021, there were 26,116 reported cases of child abuse or neglect investigated in Alabama.

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, aimed at raising awareness of the issue and generating discussion on ways to prevent the abuse and neglect of children. We should also note that the numbers don’t tell the whole story. The numbers don’t tell just how many acts of abuse against children go unreported or unnoticed each year. The numbers don’t tell us how each of these acts impacts a vicious cycle of abuse. The numbers can’t speak for our children — but we can, and we should.

Children who experience child maltreatment such as physical abuse or neglect earlier in their lives are at greater risk for committing violence against peers, bullying, teen dating violence, and committing child abuse, elder abuse, intimate partner violence and sexual violence later in life.

Child abuse can take many forms from sexual, physical and verbal to neglect. Knowing the warning signs and the steps for taking appropriate action — notifying authorities — can help break the cycle.

If you suspect a child is being harmed or maltreated, contact your local Department of Human Resources or law enforcement agency. In Cullman County those numbers include:

• Cullman County DHR (256-737-5300)

• Cullman Police Department (256-734-1434)

• Cullman County Sheriff’s Office (256-775-4700)

• Hanceville Police Department (256-352-9811)

For more information on local organizations working to help children in need,

For more information on local agencies working to help children, visit them online at:

• Cullman Caring for Kids: www.cullmancaringforkids.com

• Child Advocacy Center (Brooks’ Place): www.cullmancac.com

• Cullman County CASA: www.cullmancaringforkids.com/casa.html

• Cullman County DHR: dhr.alabama.gov

There are too many cases involving children that slip through the cracks. We mustn’t remain silent when it comes to our children.