Four rivers to be treated for sea lamprey control

BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) — Four tributaries of Lake Champlain will be treated with a pesticide this fall to control sea lamprey that prey on wild trout, salmon and other species, federal and state wildlife officials say.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife will treat the Winooski, Missisquoi, LaPlatte and Lamoille rivers.

Yearly assessments continue to show improvements in fish populations with lower wounding rates of fish by sea lamprey and more older, larger trout and salmon. But wounding rates are still above target levels, officials said.

The chemical concentrations are monitored to ensure the effective elimination of larval sea lamprey and the protection of native species, they said.

Vermont and New York officials recommend that the treated water not be used for drinking, swimming, fishing, irrigation, or livestock watering while water-use advisories are in effect.

The treatments are expected to start with the Winooski River on Sept. 23 and end with the Lamoille River on Oct. 20, but could change depending on the weather.