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Electric motorcycles flood Havana amid diesel shortages

Jul. 19, 2022 00:39 AM EDT

HAVANA (AP) — The young people come and go on their electric motorcycles at this highway outside Cuba’s capital where they perform stunts and talk about their two-wheelers, which would be largely silent if it weren’t for the music blasting from speakers. Cuba has been flooded...

Davos updates | Urgent need in Afghanistan is saving economy

May. 23, 2022 15:21 PM EDT

DAVOS, Switzerland (AP) — Two high-level speakers at the World Economic Forum gathering say Afghanistan’s most urgent need is saving its economy from complete collapse. Achim Steiner, administrator of the United Nations Development Program, said Monday in Davos that “we cannot...

Google gets more multilingual, but will it get the nuance?

May. 11, 2022 17:12 PM EDT

LIMA, Peru (AP) — About 10 million people speak Quechua, but trying to automatically translate emails and text messages into the most widely spoken Indigenous language family in the Americas was long all but impossible. That changed on Wednesday, when Google added Quechua and a...