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Thousands protest in Sudan capital, demand civilian rule

Apr. 18, 2019 1:05 PM EDT

KHARTOUM, Sudan (AP) — Tens of thousands of protesters converged on the main sit-in in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum on Thursday to pressure the ruling military council to speed up the transition of power to a civilian government as the new rulers announced the arrests of former president Omar...

Sudan officials: Ousted president moved to Khartoum prison

Apr. 17, 2019 12:17 PM EDT

KHARTOUM, Sudan (AP) — Sudan's military rulers transferred ousted President Omar al-Bashir to a prison in the country's capital as hundreds of people marched Wednesday to a sit-in outside the army headquarters in Khartoum, calling for a quick handover of power to a civilian leadership. The significance of...

UN says fighting over Libya's capital has displaced 20,000

Apr. 16, 2019 1:43 PM EDT

CAIRO (AP) — Recent clashes between rival Libyan militias for control of the capital Tripoli have displaced nearly 20,000 people, the U.N. said Tuesday, and prompted the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to warn that she could investigate and possibly prosecute new offenses. The self-styled...

Sudan army removes leader, rejects al-Bashir extradition

Apr. 12, 2019 11:43 PM EDT

CAIRO (AP) — The Sudanese military on Friday swiftly replaced the country's transitional leader linked to the Darfur genocide after street rallies against him and said that it wouldn't hand over ousted President Omar al-Bashir to the International Criminal Court, where he faces charges of crimes against...

Judges reject Afghanistan probe; cite lack of cooperation

Apr. 12, 2019 1:17 PM EDT

BRUSSELS (AP) — In a decision decried as "deeply flawed" and a "devastating blow for victims," International Criminal Court judges on Friday rejected a request by the court's prosecutor to open an investigation into war crimes and crimes against humanity in Afghanistan and alleged crimes by U.S. forces...

International Criminal Court judges reject prosecution request to open investigation into war crimes in Afghanistan

Apr. 12, 2019 8:04 AM EDT
BRUSSELS (AP) — International Criminal Court judges reject prosecution request to open investigation into war crimes in Afghanistan.

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Apr. 11, 2019 7:24 PM EDT

CAIRO (AP) — The latest on developments in Sudan (all times local): 1:20 a.m. Friday The U.S. State Department has ordered all non-essential U.S. government workers to leave Sudan, following the Sudanese military's ouster of President Omar al-Bashir after months of escalating public protests against his...

Sudan leader's iron grip finally slips amid protests

Apr. 11, 2019 6:21 PM EDT

BEIRUT (AP) — He was the world's only sitting head of state wanted for genocide. He lost a third of his country, a quarter of its population and most of its oil resources when South Sudan broke away. Yet Sudan's Omar al-Bashir, who came to power in a military coup in 1989, was able to keep his grip on...

A timeline of key events in rule of Sudan's al-Bashir

Apr. 11, 2019 9:23 AM EDT

CAIRO (AP) — After 30 years in power, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir was arrested and deposed by the military on Thursday, following nearly four months of protests against his rule. The army has also taken over the country for the next two years and imposed a three-month state of emergency, plunging the...

Malaysia won't join ICC over pressure from Muslim opposition

Apr. 5, 2019 9:45 PM EDT

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said Friday Malaysia won't ratify the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, the second treaty the government is withdrawing from after coming under pressure from the majority Muslim opposition. Malaysia earlier this year backtracked...