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Venezuelans tied to anti-Maduro plot sentenced to 6 years

May. 19, 2021 19:22 PM EDT

MIAMI (AP) — A judge in Colombia has sentenced three Venezuelan men to six years in prison for helping organize an ill-conceived plot to remove President Nicolás Maduro involving former American Green Berets. The sentence handed down late Tuesday was the minimum...

Colombia rebel group claims leader 'Jesus Santrich' slain

May. 18, 2021 22:49 PM EDT

BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) — A rebel leader who abandoned the 2016 peace accord with Colombia’s government and had been at large for three years was killed by Colombian troops in Venezuela, his new armed group said Tuesday. Seuxis Hernandez — known more commonly by his...

Colombian rebel group says it captured 8 Venezuela soldiers

May. 11, 2021 18:56 PM EDT

BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) — A Colombian rebel group that has been fighting against the Venezuelan army since March, said in a letter addressed to the International Committee of the Red Cross that it has captured eight Venezuelan soldiers and is trying to find a way to hand them over to human...