JFK Library Foundation podcast examines 1960 election

BOSTON (AP) — The John F. Kennedy Library Foundation is launching a new podcast that looks at the 1960 presidential election and the way it continues to influence presidential campaigns to this day.

The eight-part audio documentary called “60/20: The Election of 1960 and Its Echoes Today" premieres on Thursday and will run through Election Day, according to a statement from the foundation.

“We hope people will tune into 60/20 to revisit this groundbreaking campaign and learn from those in politics today how it still resonates with us 60 years later,” Rachel Flor, executive director of the JFK Library Foundation, said in a statement.

The first three episodes will look at how Kennedy's team pioneered a new approach to the nomination process, how the Kennedy campaign unified the Democratic Party after the convention, and how the team worked to win over Black voters skeptical of his commitment to civil rights.

Other episodes will cover the first live televised presidential debates between Kennedy and Republican nominee Richard Nixon, and the threat from the Soviet Union.

The series includes multiple interviews, including with Pulitzer Prize-winning author and Harvard historian Fredrik Logevall; former Richard Nixon Presidential Library Director Timothy Naftali; and political strategist David Axelrod.