Providence police investigate moped crash that injured rider

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — A Providence police officer has been placed on desk duty pending an investigation into a crash that seriously injured a moped rider.

Police are investigating whether the officer's cruiser was involved in the crash Sunday afternoon as police responded to reports of hundreds of dirt bikes, ATVs and other non-street legal vehicles roaring around the city streets.

Video of the incident shows the cruiser behind the moped, but does not show an impact. Witnesses say the cruiser struck the moped.

Although mopeds can legally be used on city streets, the moped involved in the crash was not registered and did not have plates, police said.

Mayor Jorge Elorza and Public Safety Commissioner Steven Paré at a news conference Monday promised a thorough and transparent investigation.

Attorney General Peter Neronha said that his office conducts its own investigation whenever a civilian is injured by a police officer.

The moped rider's father says his 24-year-old son is in a coma.