Report: Man who shot man at garage won't face charges

MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — A man who shot and killed another man who was crawling out of his garage won't face any charges, the New Hampshire attorney general's office said Thursday.

The attorney general's office issued its report into the July 19 shooting of Jason Barry, 42, by Colin Bouchard, 24, in Manchester.

Bouchard told police he was away from his home when he received a notification on his phone that a video surveillance system picked up some movement in the garage. He went home, got a gun, and saw Barry crawl out from the under the partially open garage door. He told Barry to stop, but he said Barry kept moving and he thought he saw a shadow of something in Barry's hand. He fired his gun, and a bullet struck Barry in the head.

Bouchard said he shot Barry in self-defense. The attorney general's office said it couldn't disprove Bochard's account beyond a reasonable doubt. However, given some inconsistencies in his story, the attorney general's office also said it was insufficient to conclude with certainty that Bouchard's actions were justified under the law.