Louisiana Tech Career Closet Provides Clothes For Interviews

MONROE, La. (AP) — Louisiana Tech University is has launched an initiative to help students look more polished as they set out in search of a job.

A new “career closet” will provide students with a full outfit each academic year, body imaging and a resume headshot, KNOE-TV reported. Using 3D body imaging, students can pick which outfit looks best on them, and they can receive an individual style consultation from a fashion merchandising student.

“Once you get into an interview, you can change your body language, you can change what you say, but you can’t change what you wore. I think it’s really important that when you come in you look prepared,” Louisana Tech studetn Cora Bonewetz told the television station.

Students must complete some steps before they're given an outfit.

“A hand check account, resume review, a mock interview and show us what that outfit is going to be used for,” Louisiana Tech Assistant Director of Career Development Christiann Bayne said.

The university is accepting donations of both money and clothing for the program.