Study: Arizona Didn't See Exodus Of Teachers During Pandemic

PHOENIX (AP) — A feared mass exodus of Arizona teachers didn't happen during the pandemic's first year, but there were noticeable changes in the workforce, a state study reports.

The state Department of Education study found that its data indicated the number of teachers didn't change significantly between January 2020 and January 2021 despite predictions of large numbers of retirements and resignations, KNXV-TV reported.

The average age and experience level were unchanged, “indicating there was not a massive outflow of experienced teachers and an influx of young, new teachers," the study concluded.

The study also found there were fewer teachers in district schools and more at charter and online schools.

There were fewer reading interventionists, bilingual and elective teachers, while the number of non-certified teachers rose, study said. It said non-certified teachers almost exclusively teach in charter schools.