The Nature Conservancy Buys 13.5K Acres In Hancock County

BANGOR, Maine (AP) — The Nature Conservancy has acquired approximately 13,500 acres of forested land north of Tunk Mountain in Hancock County.

The land, which will continue to be open for birding, hunting and fishing, abuts an existing preserve to the north of Tunk Mountain and the northwest corner of the state’s Donnell Pond Public Land, the Bangor Daily News reported.

“Conservation of this property will help maintain a forested connection between the Down East coast and Maine’s north woods, protecting habitat for wide-ranging wildlife and allowing species to move in response to a changing climate,” The Nature Conservancy said in a statement.

Most of the land lies in Township 16 in Maine’s Unorganized Territory, which is where 23 commercial-scale wind turbines have been erected and where the 100-megawatt Three Rivers Solar project is under development.

The acquisition will expand The Nature Conservancy’s 9,700-acre Spring River Preserve, increasing the size to about 23,500 acres.

The purchase price for the land, which conservancy officials say was “substantially” lower than its appraised value, was $5.2 million. Overall, the project to acquire the land cost $6.5 million.