Man who dropped overdose victim at hospital pleads guilty

TACOMA, Wash. (AP) — A Port Townsend, Washington, man who left a heroin overdose victim in a car outside a hospital emergency room pleaded guilty Friday to drug trafficking and illegal firearms possession charges.

Adam Michael Kelly, 38, pleaded guilty in federal court in Tacoma to possession of controlled substances with intent to distribute and being a drug user in possession of firearms, U.S. Attorney Brian Moran said in a press release.

The prosecution and defense plan to recommend a sentence of five and a half years in prison when he's sentenced on Nov. 2.

Kelly and his then-girlfriend left the 43-year-old overdose victim outside a hospital emergency room on March 27, 2019, prosecutors said. They later called the hospital to check on the victim, but the person had died within 20 minutes.

Law enforcement traced the call to Kelly's home. He later admitted that the victim had used drugs in his home and had become unresponsive.

Police searched Kelly's home and found a sophisticated drug lab in the basement.

“Records seized at the lab indicate Kelly had a lucrative business selling and shipping illegal steroids across the country,” Moran said. He also had a variety of firearms. As an admitted drug user, it's illegal for Kelly to possess firearms.