Hunters Seeing Purple As Owners Mark Property Off Limits

BANGOR, Maine (AP) — More Maine hunters are seeing purple as property owners use the color to mark land that is off limits to hunting without first obtaining permission.

Purple paint can be used on trees, rocks or fence posts as an alternative to nailing a sign on a tree to let others know that no hunting is allowed without advanced permission, said Mark Latti of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

The state's “purple paint law” has been around since 2011 but it's being used more and more with each passing year.

The marking is a single vertical stripe of purple paint. Hardware stores sell special paint for use in marking properties.

According to state law, the signs must be no more than 100 feet apart at locations that are readily visible to people approaching the property, as well as at all vehicular access points off a public road.