RI surveying local ponds, lakes for invasive aquatic species

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management is surveying the state's lakes, ponds, and rivers this summer as part of an annual monitoring program to identify invasive aquatic species.

During a survey on June 12 in Barney Pond in Lincoln, DEM staff removed several small water chestnut plants that were scattered throughout the pond.

Water chestnut hadn't been previously documented in Barney Pond or its watershed, so DEM alerted the town of Lincoln and searched for the source of the invasive plants. A large patch of water chestnut plants were found upstream in Olney Pond.

The invasive plants were removed as part of conservation efforts to protect Olney Pond's habitat.

The public is being asked to take photos and report suspected new findings of water chestnut plants to DEM.

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