Nebraska bill would give $2K tax credit for stillborn child

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Women who deliver a stillborn baby could get a $2,000 tax credit from Nebraska state government under a bill introduced Wednesday in the Legislature.

The bill by Sen. Joni Albrecht, of Thurston, would offer a refundable credit if the fetus had advanced to at least the 20th week of gestation and the child would have been a dependent of the person claiming the credit.

Nebraska lawmakers introduced their final legislation of the year on Wednesday, for a total of 684 bills and 12 proposed constitutional amendments.

The new measures submitted on Wednesday include proposals to overhaul the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, make it easier for public school teachers to leave unions and lower the corporate income tax rate.

One measure would provide a spelled-out legal right to refuse vaccinations that are mandated by state government, although it's extremely unlikely the state would issue such an order in the current pandemic.