Latest Bombings News

Extortion gang linked to soccer violence in Greece

Jul. 16, 2024 13:05 PM EDT

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Police in Greece say suspected members of a gang charged with extortion, bombings, arson attacks and multiple assaults have been linked to soccer-related violence in Athens. Maj. Gen. Fotis Douitsis, head of the police’s criminal investigations in greater...

Authorities hunt for clues, but motive of man who tried to assassinate Donald Trump remains elusive

Jul. 15, 2024 08:20 AM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — The 20-year-old man who tried to assassinate former President Donald Trump first came to law enforcement’s attention at Saturday's rally when spectators noticed him acting strangely outside the campaign event. The tip sparked a frantic search but officers were unable to find...

At least 5 killed in bombing targeting a busy café in the Somali capital, police say

Jul. 14, 2024 18:31 PM EDT

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — A bombing outside a café Sunday in the Somali capital of Mogadishu killed at least five people, police said. Some people were watching the European soccer final between Spain and England on a screen inside the café when a car loaded with explosives blew...

Law enforcement officials: Bomb making materials found in vehicle, at home of man suspected in Trump rally shooting

Jul. 14, 2024 11:14 AM EDT
WASHINGTON (AP) — Law enforcement officials: Bomb making materials found in vehicle, at home of man suspected in Trump rally shooting.

Inert grenades found in a bag cause evacuation at a Hawaii airport, man arrested

Jul. 10, 2024 17:25 PM EDT

HILO, Hawaii (AP) — Operations at Hawaii's Hilo International Airport were halted when security screeners spotted two items that looked like grenades in a bag belonging to a man from Japan. Officers evacuated the terminal area Tuesday morning while a bomb squad determined the...

A roadside bomb planted on a bridge hits a rickshaw in Pakistan, killing 3 people and wounding 7

Jul. 05, 2024 07:22 AM EDT

PESHAWAR, Pakistan (AP) — A roadside bomb planted on a bridge struck a rickshaw in northwest Pakistan on Friday, killing at least three people and wounding seven others, officials said. The attack happened in Mardan district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, police official Sabir...

Life and death in Gaza's 'safe zone' where food is scarce and Israel strikes without warning

Jul. 03, 2024 18:50 PM EDT

KHAN YOUNIS, Gaza Strip (AP) — An Israeli airstrike slammed into a residential building next to the main medical center in Gaza’s southern city of Khan Younis, wounding at least seven people, hospital authorities and witnesses said Wednesday. Nasser Hospital sits in the western...

Police say a roadside bomb has killed a former Pakistani senator and 4 others in northwest Pakistan

Jul. 03, 2024 14:27 PM EDT

KHAR, Pakistan (AP) — A former senator in Pakistan was killed Wednesday when a vehicle carrying him and supporters struck a roadside bomb in a former stronghold of the Pakistani Taliban near the Afghan border, police said. Four other people were killed. The attack occurred in...

3 civilians killed in a bomb explosion in Pakistan and 2 security personnel die in a rocket attack

Jul. 01, 2024 11:27 AM EDT

QUETTA, Pakistan (AP) — A roadside bomb exploded in Pakistan’s volatile Baluchistan province on Monday, killing a woman and two children, officials said. Four people were walking through an area in Baluchistan's Turbat district when the bomb planted by “terrorists” went off,...

UNESCO finds Islamic State group-era bombs in Mosul mosque walls, years after the defeat of IS

Jun. 30, 2024 07:10 AM EDT

BAGHDAD (AP) — The U.N. cultural agency has discovered five bombs hidden within the walls of the historic al-Nouri Mosque in the city of Mosul in northern Iraq, a remnant of the Islamic State militant group’s rule over the area, UNESCO said in a statement Saturday. The mosque,...