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US diplomat warns of great consequences for migrants at border who don't choose legal pathways

Jun. 13, 2024 20:53 PM EDT

MEXICO CITY (AP) — U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Ken Salazar warned Thursday that migrants who do not opt for a legal pathway into the U.S. will face great consequences, a message coming at a time when the Biden administration needs Mexico’s cooperation in easing the flow of migrants to their...

White House preps 'dreamers' celebration while President Biden eyes new benefits for immigrants

Jun. 13, 2024 18:39 PM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden will host a White House event next week celebrating an Obama-era directive that offered deportation protections for young undocumented immigrants, as his own administration prepares potential new benefits for others without legal status but with long-standing...

Aspects of US restrictions on asylum-seekers may violate international protections, UNHCR chief says

Jun. 13, 2024 13:01 PM EDT

GENEVA (AP) — The head of the U.N. refugee agency said Thursday he understands that the Biden administration enacted new restrictions on asylum-seekers entering the United States, but cautioned that some aspects of the executive order may violate refugee protection required under international...

Poland reintroduces restrictions on accessing areas along Belarus border due to migration pressure

Jun. 13, 2024 07:18 AM EDT

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Poland on Thursday reintroduced restrictions on movement along parts of the border with Belarus because of increased migration pressure that has involved violence against Polish security officials. The ban taking effect Thursday will be valid for 90 days and...

President Joe Biden faces first lawsuit over new asylum crackdown at the border

Jun. 13, 2024 05:31 AM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — A coalition of immigrant advocacy groups sued the Biden administration on Wednesday over President Joe Biden’s recent directive that effectively halts asylum claims at the southern border, saying it differs little from a similar move by the Trump administration that was...

Immigrant rights groups sue Biden administration over asylum order in the first legal challenge to border crackdown

Jun. 12, 2024 17:23 PM EDT
WASHINGTON (AP) — Immigrant rights groups sue Biden administration over asylum order in the first legal challenge to border crackdown.

Poland honors soldier who was fatally stabbed by migrant at border with Belarus

Jun. 12, 2024 12:31 PM EDT

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Sirens wailed and lawmakers in the Polish parliament observed a minute of silence on Wednesday to honor a young soldier who was fatally stabbed at the Polish-Belarusian border during a migration crisis that Poland says has been engineered by Russia and Belarus. ...

AP sources: 8 people with possible Islamic State ties arrested in US on immigration violations

Jun. 11, 2024 23:54 PM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — Eight people from Tajikistan with suspected ties to the Islamic State group have been arrested in the United States in recent days, according to multiple people familiar with the matter. The arrests took place in New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles and the...

Mexico's tactic to cut immigration to the US: wear out migrants

Jun. 11, 2024 17:36 PM EDT

VILLAHERMOSA, Mexico (AP) — “Here, again.” Yeneska García’s face crumbled as she said it, and she pressed her head into her hands. Since fleeing crisis in Venezuela in January, the 23-year-old had trekked through the Darien Gap jungle dividing Colombia and...

What the far-right victories in the European Union could say about US elections this year

Jun. 11, 2024 16:25 PM EDT

The just-concluded European Union elections were yet another milestone for far-right parties on the continent. They racked up gains across many of the EU’s 27 countries, and the surprising scale of their victories is rattling the political establishment there and drawing attention in the United...