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Moscow-bound EgyptAir flight returns after threat message

Oct. 27, 2021 10:08 AM EDT

CAIRO (AP) — A Moscow-bound EgyptAir flight returned to the Egyptian capital shortly after takeoff Wednesday after a threatening message was found onboard, authorities said. A statement by Egypt’s flagship airline said flight MS79 had returned safely to Cairo...

Settlement monitor: Israel OKs some 3,000 new settler homes

Oct. 27, 2021 09:40 AM EDT

JERUSALEM (AP) — A settlement monitor said Wednesday that an Israeli committee approved about 3,000 new settler homes in the occupied West Bank, a day after the Biden administration issued its strongest condemnation yet of the proposed construction. Word of the...

Greece woos investments on Chinese foreign minister's visit

Oct. 27, 2021 09:21 AM EDT

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Greek officials sought to expand Chinese investment in the country during talks on Wednesday with China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi, that also touched on regional geopolitics, sports and minorities. Greece recently emerged from a brutal decade-long...

Sudan strongman is seen as an insider with powerful allies

Oct. 27, 2021 08:46 AM EDT

CAIRO (AP) — The general leading Sudan’s coup has vowed to usher the country to an elected government. But Abdel-Fattah Burhan has powerful allies, including Gulf nations and a feared Sudanese paramilitary commander, and he appears intent on keeping the military firmly in control. ...

Sudan arrests 3 coup critics as pressure mounts on military

Oct. 27, 2021 08:23 AM EDT

CAIRO (AP) — Sudanese security forces detained three prominent pro-democracy figures overnight, their relatives and other activists said Wednesday, as internal and international pressure mounted on the country's military to walk back its coup. The arrests came as...

Italy hosts a climate-focused G20 as geopolitics shift

Oct. 27, 2021 06:21 AM EDT

ROME (AP) — The leaders of Russia and China aren’t coming. Turkey nearly set off a diplomatic incident on the eve of the meeting. And the United States, Australia and France will be at the same table for the first time since Washington pulled the rug out from under Paris’ $66 billion...

Iran's president says cyberattack meant to create 'disorder'

Oct. 27, 2021 05:55 AM EDT

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Iran's president said Wednesday that a cyberattack which paralyzed every gas station in the Islamic Republic was designed to get “people angry by creating disorder and disruption,” as long lines still snaked around the pumps a day after the incident...

UN, US sanction Libyan official over human trafficking

Oct. 27, 2021 05:27 AM EDT

CAIRO (AP) — The United Nations Security Council and the United States have imposed sanctions on a Libyan official over the alleged abuse and torture of migrants in a detention center. The Security Council and the U.S. said in separate statements late Tuesday that Osama...

Iran's president says cyberattack targeting gas stations aimed to get 'people angry by creating disorder and disruption'

Oct. 27, 2021 04:42 AM EDT
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Iran's president says cyberattack targeting gas stations aimed to get 'people angry by creating disorder and disruption.'

Gulf Arab states, squeezed by climate change, still tout oil

Oct. 27, 2021 02:18 AM EDT

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — The global energy transition is perhaps nowhere more perplexing than in the Arabian Peninsula, where Saudi Arabia and other Gulf monarchies are caught between two daunting climate change scenarios that threaten their livelihoods. In one, the...