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Alex Jones ordered to pay $45.2M more over Sandy Hook lies

Aug. 05, 2022 22:48 PM EDT

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — A Texas jury on Friday ordered conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to pay $45.2 million in punitive damages to the parents of a child who was killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, adding to the $4.1 million he must pay for the suffering he put them through by...

Democrats could strip Iowa of opening spot in 2024 campaign

Aug. 05, 2022 14:10 PM EDT

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Democrats are poised to strip Iowa of its traditional lead-off spot in the presidential nominating calendar in 2024, part of a broader effort to better reflect the party’s deeply diverse electorate by allowing less overwhelmingly white states to vote first. ...

Some schools build affordable housing to retain teachers

Jul. 15, 2022 10:23 AM EDT

DALY CITY, Calif. (AP) — San Francisco Bay Area high school teacher Lisa Raskin moved out of a cramped apartment she was sharing with a roommate and into her own place this month, paying a deeply discounted $1,500 a month for a one-bedroom with expansive views within walking distance to work. ...