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Ukraine's military chief warns of 'significantly' worsening battlefield situation in the east

Apr. 13, 2024 13:06 PM EDT

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Ukraine's military chief on Saturday warned that the battlefield situation in the industrial east has “significantly worsened in recent days,” as warming weather allowed Russian forces to launch a fresh push along several stretches of the more 1,000 km-long (620-mile)...

The US and UK restrict the trade of Russian-origin metals

Apr. 12, 2024 18:13 PM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. and U.K. will begin restricting the trade of new Russian-origin metals — including aluminum, copper and nickel — on global metal exchanges and in derivatives trading. The announcement is meant to follow up on the Group of Seven nations' commitment in...

US intelligence finding shows China surging equipment sales to Russia to help war effort in Ukraine

Apr. 12, 2024 15:58 PM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — China has surged sales to Russia of machine tools, microelectronics and other technology that Moscow in turn is using to produce missiles, tanks, aircraft and other weaponry for use in its war against Ukraine, according to a U.S. assessment. Two senior Biden...

Russian soldiers who quit Putin's war get no hero’s welcome abroad as asylum claims surge

Apr. 12, 2024 15:02 PM EDT

ASTANA, Kazakhstan (AP) — If the choice was death or a bullet to the leg, Yevgeny would take the bullet. A decorated hero of Russia’s war in Ukraine, Yevgeny told his friend and fellow soldier to please aim carefully and avoid bone. The tourniquets were ready. The pain that...

US intelligence finds China is surging equipment sales to Russia for its war effort in Ukraine

Apr. 12, 2024 14:49 PM EDT
WASHINGTON (AP) — US intelligence finds China is surging equipment sales to Russia for its war effort in Ukraine.

Russia test-launches an intercontinental ballistic missile

Apr. 12, 2024 14:08 PM EDT

MOSCOW (AP) — The Russian military on Friday reported a successful test launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile. Russia's Defense Ministry said in a statement that the launch took place at the Kapustin Yar testing range in the south of the country as part of “state...

Former biathlon leader found guilty in Norway on corruption charges linked to favoring Russia

Apr. 12, 2024 13:53 PM EDT

OSLO, Norway (AP) — The long-time former biathlon leader accused of protecting Russia from doping cases was found guilty of corruption charges in his native Norway on Friday and sentenced to more than three years in prison. Anders Besseberg was convicted of accepting bribes in the...

Kremlin says 2022 draft document could serve as starting point for future Ukraine peace talks

Apr. 12, 2024 09:56 AM EDT

MOSCOW (AP) — A draft peace agreement that Russia and Ukraine negotiated in the early days of the conflict could serve as a starting point for talks to end the fighting, the Kremlin said Friday, reviving a proposal that Ukraine had rejected. Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said...

Putin mocks planned Ukraine conference and says Russia won't accept any enforced peace plans

Apr. 11, 2024 19:40 PM EDT

MOSCOW (AP) — Russia's President Vladimir Putin on Thursday mocked a scheduled round of Ukraine peace talks in Switzerland, warning that Moscow will not accept any enforced plans that ignore its interests. Switzerland’s government said Wednesday it will host a high-level...

Ukraine's parliament passes a controversial law to boost much-needed conscripts as war drags on

Apr. 11, 2024 16:15 PM EDT

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Ukraine’s parliament on Thursday passed a controversial law on how the country will call up new soldiers at a time when it needs to replenish depleted forces that are increasingly struggling to fend off Russia's advance. The law was passed against a backdrop...