Large Black Bear Eludes Capture In Western Washington

ISSAQUAH, Wash. (AP) — Wildlife officials in Washington trying to capture a 300-pound (135-kilogram) black bear for two years say his GPS collar that was supposed to fall off hasn’t and could be too tight.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife also tells The Seattle Times in a story on Friday that the GPS collar stopped working.

Officials also want to capture the bear because they said he's too comfortable around homes in Issaquah and gets into garbage.

“This can be unfortunate as it’s not the bear’s fault that garbage or bird feeders were left out and served as attractants," said department spokesman Chase Gunnell

The agency has received more than 50 tips from the public in recent weeks but so far hasn’t captured the bruin. Officials have put out culvert traps and captured a different bear.

Officials said they haven’t decided what to do with the bear if they capture him, but will check if there's any injury or infection from the collar.

The collar has a cotton spacer that's supposed to wear away and cause the collar to fall off. It's now known why the GPS stopped working, Gunnell said.