New Cereal Bar Guaranteed To Serve Nostalgia By The Bowl

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — Let’s go back in time. Remember those Saturday mornings, waking up early as a kid to pour the biggest bowl of your favorite cereal. If you were feeling extra fancy, you may have even mixed multiple cereals to make a special concoction. Then, you’d find your favorite spot in front of the TV and binge your Saturday morning cartoon lineup. Man, those were the days.

Luckily, we’ll soon get to relive those days. What is being deemed Charlotte’s “first exotic cereal bar,” will open on April 10 in the former Melt-In Your Mouth Cupcake location in Brevard Court.

Day and Night Exotic Cereal Bar started as a food truck in Los Angeles by Karmon DuPrée Jr. in 2020. Since then, he has expanded the brand across the midwest through franchising opportunities. Charlotte co-owner Greg Robinson was approached by DuPrée to open a location in Charlotte. Robinson and his girlfriend Danielle Booker found that nothing like this existed in North Carolina and welcomed the idea to fill that void.

“When I moved to Charlotte less than a year ago, I saw that it was missing a nostalgic cereal shop. I saw it as an open opportunity, especially with Charlotte being a diverse city.”

Robinson and DuPrée grew up together in the Shaker Heights area of Cleveland, Ohio. If it sounds familiar, it is also the home of rapper Kid Cudi, who is known worldwide for his song “Day and Night”.

“That’s where the inspiration for the name Day & Night came from,” Greg Robinson told CharlotteFive. “As a music artist myself, and Kid Cudi being one of my musical influences, I was excited to partner with Karmon’s brand when he told me about it.”


The cereal bar encourages creativity from anyone who walks through the doors. With a menu that offers pre-made bowl ideas as well as over-the-top cereal shakes, Day and Night looks to “reinvent the most important meal of the day.”

The menu features classics like Fruit Loops and Honey Nut Cheerios, to more exotic cereals offered in countries around the globe.

“We have a blueberry pancake Captain Crunch from Canada, as well as a Nesquik Cereal that turns your milk into chocolate,” DuPrée, founder of Day & Night, told CharlotteFive. “One of the most rare cereals that I have, is one that was produced exclusively for the last Rolling Loud Fest. I probably won’t use it in bowls, but I will display it.”

A basic build-your-own bowl or cereal shake includes two cereals and two toppings including granola, honey and even whipped cream — but the possibilities are endless. A bowl is $7 and shakes are $8.

- Love Cinnamon Toast Crunch? Order the Mucha Lucha (Cinnamon Toast Crunch topped with whipped cream, churro cereal, buttery cinnamon roll sprinkle and your choice of milk).

- Honey lovers, the Beehive is sure to please. It’s a mix of Honey Nut Cheerios and Honey Bunches of Oats topped with roasted almond granola and honey. Choose from whole, skim, almond, or oat milk to finish off any bowl or shake.

- Not in the mood for cereal at all? Try the bacon flight ($5 for 3 pieces). Mix and match with Jamaican Jerk, maple and black pepper, maple and rosemary, honey and sriracha, or homestyle.

Robinson and Booker are already planning a special Charlotte-themed menu that will change often. The original menu was based off of things known to L.A., so the couple wants to roll out items specifically for the Queen City in the coming months.

“We’ll feature special monthly items based on some of Charlotte’s notable figures,” Robinson explained. “So if DaBaby or a Hornets’ player comes into the shop we may create a special bowl in honor of them, and feature it for the month.”

Day and Night opens to the public on April 10 at 1 p.m. until 10 p.m. Once things are more normal across the city, the hours will expand for it to be a late-night snack spot.