Providence Orders Residents Of Homeless Camp To Vacate Site

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — People living at a homeless encampment in a vacant lot in Providence were given until Nov. 1 to clear out Wednesday, but advocates say they have nowhere else to go.

City Public Safety Commissioner Steven M. Paré and police Capt. Henry Remolina distributed notices to people living at the site.

The notice said any personal possessions left on site would be removed and stored for 30 days, and that city services including trash removal and portable toilets would end after Nov. 1, The Boston Globe reported.

The notice also encouraged people living at the site to call the Coalition to End Homelessness for assistance and shelter placement.

Paré said the city was working with service providers to find placement for people now living on the property.

“We don’t have a specific place right now, but we’re working with the agencies that could help place them,” he said.

The number of people at the site has fluctuated from a low of eight to as many as 30.

Laura Jaworski, executive director of House of Hope Community Development Corp., a homeless advocacy group, said options for people living at the site have no other options.

“The options are few and far between, shall I say nil,” Jaworski told The Providence Journal.

A spokesperson for Mayor Jorge Elorza said in an emailed statement that everyone living at the lot has received crisis and housing assessments and been placed on shelter and housing waiting lists, if requested. The city also recently invested $495,000 in winter shelter expansions.

The site, currently owned by the Providence Redevelopment Agency, will be transferred to a developer for a mixed-use project.