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More aid getting from US pier to people in Gaza, officials say, after troubled launch

May. 23, 2024 19:29 PM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — A six-day-old U.S. pier project in Gaza is starting to get more aid to Palestinians in need but conditions are challenging, U.S. officials said Thursday. That reflects the larger problems bringing food and other supplies to starving people in the besieged territory. ...

US will announce $275 million more in artillery and ammunition for Ukraine, officials say

May. 23, 2024 11:12 AM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States is expected to announce an additional $275 million in military aid for Ukraine on Friday as Kyiv struggles to hold off advances by Russian troops in the Kharkiv region, two U.S. officials say. This will be the fourth installment of military aid...

US is set to announce an additional $275 million in military aid for Ukraine in its war against Russia, officials say

May. 23, 2024 09:41 AM EDT
WASHINGTON (AP) — US is set to announce an additional $275 million in military aid for Ukraine in its war against Russia, officials say.

First aid from US pier in Gaza has reached starving Palestinians, the UN says

May. 22, 2024 18:11 PM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.N. World Food Program said Wednesday that it has handed out in Gaza in recent days a “limited number” of high-energy biscuits that arrived from a U.S.-built pier, the first aid from the new humanitarian sea route to get into the hands of Palestinians in grave need. ...

The Latest | UN food aid collapses in Rafah as Israeli leaders decry war crime accusations

May. 21, 2024 22:38 PM EDT

The United Nations said Tuesday that it was no longer able to distribute food aid in the southern Gaza city of Rafah due to lack of supplies and insecurity. The humanitarian crisis has escalated over the past two weeks since Israel launched an incursion into Rafah that closed a...

UN halts all food distribution in Rafah after running out of supplies in the southern Gaza city

May. 21, 2024 20:38 PM EDT

CAIRO (AP) — The United Nations suspended food distribution in the southern Gaza city of Rafah on Tuesday due to a lack of supplies and an untenable security situation caused by Israel’s expanding military operation. The U.N. warned that humanitarian operations across the territory were nearing...

UN food agency warns that the new US sea route for Gaza aid may fail unless conditions improve

May. 21, 2024 19:55 PM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.N. World Food Program said Tuesday the new U.S. $320 million pier project for delivering aid to Gaza may fail unless Israel starts ensuring the conditions the humanitarian groups need to operate safely. The operation was halted for at least two days after crowds looted aid...

Trucks are rolling across a new US pier into Gaza. But challenges remain to getting enough aid in

May. 17, 2024 21:24 PM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — Trucks carrying badly needed aid for the Gaza Strip rolled across a newly built U.S. pier and into the besieged enclave for the first time Friday as Israeli restrictions on border crossings and heavy fighting hindered the delivery of food and other supplies. The...

What to know about how much the aid from a US pier project will help Gaza

May. 16, 2024 19:40 PM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — A U.S.-built pier is in place to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza by sea, but no one will know if the new route will work until a steady stream of deliveries begins reaching starving Palestinians. The trucks that will roll off the pier project installed Thursday...

Aid for Gaza will soon flow from pier project just finished by US military, Pentagon says

May. 16, 2024 18:08 PM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon said Thursday that humanitarian aid will soon begin flowing onto the Gaza shore through the new pier that was anchored to the beach and will begin reaching those in need almost immediately. Sabrina Singh, Pentagon spokeswoman, told reporters that the...