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4 actors, 1 room unspool a shooting’s aftermath in ‘Mass’

Oct. 11, 2021 16:46 PM EDT

Jason Isaacs was at a Starbucks when he sat down to read the script for “ Mass ” for the first time. It was a decision he’d come to regret, if only because at some point he started “heaving with sobs” and couldn’t stop. Strangers in the shop looked at him like they were debating...

Review: In 'Mass,' a wrenching dialogue after tragedy

Oct. 06, 2021 15:14 PM EDT

The piercing traumas of school shootings, when they've made it into the movies, have seldom carried quite the right tone. Even the best intentions in wading into such tragic horrors can come off as insincere, even exploitive. “Mass,” Fran...