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In Buddhism, women blaze a path but strive for gender equity

Dec. 09, 2021 11:44 AM EST

Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo, born in England, has devoted her life to attaining enlightenment in a female form — at one stage spending years isolated in a cave in the Himalayas to follow the rigorous path of the most devoted yogis. She later founded a nunnery in India focused on giving women in Tibetan...

Alicia Keys teases new songs at small show ahead of art fair

Dec. 02, 2021 10:17 AM EST

MIAMI (AP) — R&B singer-songwriter Alicia Keys guided a few hundred people at a small show in Miami through a 10-minute meditation before asking them to make some choices. Keys wanted concert goers gathering for an immersive exhibit on the eve of Art Basel Miami...