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Sweden protests against death penalties given to 3 Swedes in Iraq, says a 4th case isn't confirmed

Jul. 04, 2024 08:39 AM EDT

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Sweden’s Foreign Ministry said Thursday it will summon the Iraqi chargé d’affaires in Stockholm to protest against death sentences received by Swedes in Iraq. Last month, Stockholm protested over a death sentence given to a Swede. On Thursday, two...

Missing nuts and bolts caused last year's deadly construction elevator accident in Sweden

Jul. 03, 2024 07:34 AM EDT

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — A construction elevator that killed five people when it collapsed last year in Stockholm was missing the bolts that were supposed to hold its mast together, authorities said Wednesday. The deadly crash “was caused by failure to perform relevant safety...

At least 7 arrested in Germany and Sweden on suspicion of committing war crimes in Syria

Jul. 03, 2024 06:16 AM EDT

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — At least seven people have been arrested in Germany and Sweden on suspicion of committing crimes against humanity and war crimes in Syria in 2012-2014, authorities in the two countries said Wednesday. In a coordinated effort that also involved the...

Ten Cambodian environmental activists receive prison sentences of 6-8 years each

Jul. 02, 2024 05:26 AM EDT

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (AP) — Ten members of a Cambodian environmental activist group that campaigned against destructive infrastructure projects and alleged corruption were each sentenced on Tuesday to six years in prison on charges of conspiring against the state. Three of the...

Swedes take a new step in parental leave. Grandparents can now get paid to take care of grandkids

Jul. 01, 2024 16:29 PM EDT

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Sweden launched a groundbreaking new law on Monday that allows grandparents to step in and get paid parental leave while taking care of their grandchildren for up to three months of a child’s first year. The development comes after the Swedish...

NBA draft: Are there international prospects beyond France fans should keep an eye on? Oui!

Jun. 23, 2024 06:43 AM EDT

France isn't the only country producing top prospects for the NBA — it just sort of seems that way. Victor Wembanyama was the No. 1 pick in the NBA draft a year ago and went on to win the league's Rookie of the Year award. Two more Frenchmen — Alexandre Sarr and...

Swedish court acquits former Syrian army general accused of role in war crimes

Jun. 20, 2024 09:59 AM EDT

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — A Swedish judge on Thursday acquitted a former Syrian army general of indiscriminate attacks on civilians in his home country more than a decade ago, saying prosecutors failed to provide evidence of his involvement in the war crimes. Brig. Gen. Mohammed...

Sweden acquits former Syrian army general of role in war crimes committed in 2012 in his home country

Jun. 20, 2024 05:05 AM EDT
COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Sweden acquits former Syrian army general of role in war crimes committed in 2012 in his home country.

Thousands of NATO troops join drills in the strategically sensitive Baltic Sea region

Jun. 18, 2024 11:35 AM EDT

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Some 9,000 troops from 20 NATO countries have been participating this month in military exercises in the Baltic Sea region, which has become strategically sensitive following Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Sweden, which had joined the drills in the past, took...

The Danish king inaugurates the first element of a road-and-rail tunnel linking Denmark to Germany

Jun. 17, 2024 13:07 PM EDT

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Danish King Frederik X inaugurated Monday the first element of a future 18-kilometer (11-mile) rail-and-road tunnel under the Baltic Sea that will link southern Denmark to northern Germany and contribute to the transport sector's green transition. The...